From the world of snake charmers

Indians, as we know it, were called snake charmers. Charming a snake is not easy task but Indians were doing it like we sip tea. But when it comes to modern India, Indians have changed a lot they were charmed by western style of living but they didn’t forget their basic principles of life i.e to be world  citizen and to help the needy. Like an hidden gene in a chromosome. Indians have it in their body and mind that they can change world for good. They just need a trigger. That trigger can change the coarse of where the world is going. One man who is triggering the Indian minds to achieve something big is Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The man with amazing will and power to change India. He has huge following. With his guidance  Indians are in right path and this time no one can seduce them into wrong path

Making space earth’s dustbin

Outer space has always been an active interest for us humans from past centuries. We have explored space to our best and have reached far places to find out many things we didn’t know. We put satellites for our own use around earth and we sent rockets to explore other planets. As we were doing these things we forgot to note that we are polluting space hence after so many centuries we now realizing how much we exploited space for our own use, hence polluting it. There is another big question now, how to eradicate this space pollution? We can eradicate earth’s pollution but space pollution needs different approach, let’s see what does these scientists and engineers come up with!!!

The Redundency

Things people post on internet, upload on internet, so much information so much repeated information. Internet is filled with these much repeated things. And till now there is no one worried about it. No person, no organization. People, they just want money and happiness in their life. Why can’t we make this world better by removing this redundancy. Why can’t these so called big organizations do something to clean the internet. If we wanted some information, before we used to go to a library and read many books, There each book was unique in its own way. But why is this internet is filled with so many repeated things. I would love to get what I want in one click, but nowadays if I need some information I have to dig through it for very long time. Let’s make internet better by removing this redundancy.

Love and Happiness


LOVE is the word which can make any sentence beautiful, and HAPPYNESS is the word which can make anyones life beautiful.
If we love plants by nourishing them with water everyday they will be happy as a result they love you by giving us fruits and flowers.

If we love poor and needy by helping them, their happyness smile on their face gives us happyness. If we love what we are doing the results of our doings gives us happyness. If we love the world by keeping it clean and green our way of life becomes good that gives us happyness.If we love our friends and family that gives us happyness. So LOVE and HAPPYNESS are sharable they should not be kept ourselves.
And there should be no Y in happIness because happiness starts with I(us) not with Y(variable:others). If we are happy, world will be happy and if we love our world, the world loves us.

LIFE=A Closed Loop System!

“If you are not making any mistakes, you’re not really doing anything with your life”

 Life is made up of successes with failures,  success is always taken as positively with feelings of happiness and extreme satisfaction but failures are taken with negative attitude with disappointment and dejection

i love to fail

Another way of seeing life of successes with failures are evaluating both success and failure as a negative feedback(which helps in preventing the things we did before which lead to failure) of a closed loop system(Life) because negative feedback according to control system tends to reduce the failure that caused it, is also known as a self-correcting one henceforth success can be gradually achieved




What does real beauty mean to me?

I think beauty is not just what you think or what you see or what you assume, but beauty is nothing but enjoyment in what you see, think, or assume.  So beauty can be anything, I meant anyone can feel beauty in anything weather it is good or bad. It is the viewer who defines beauty. Thing that is beautiful always looks good for viewer. Hence I think beauty is UNDEFINABLE



Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (abbreviated BSNL) is a state-owned telecommunications company headquartered in New Delhi, India. BSNL is one of the largest Indian cellular service providers, with over 83.6 million subscribers as of January 2011, and the largest land line telephone provider in India. However, in recent years the company’s revenue and profit plunged into heavy losses due to intense competition in the Indian telecommunications sector.

BSNL is India’s oldest and largest communication service provider (CSP). It had a customer base of 90 million as of June 2008.[6] It has footprints throughout India except for the metropolitan cities of Mumbai and New Delhi, which are managed by Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL). As of June 30, 2010, BSNL had a customer base of 27.45 million wire line and 72.69 million wireless subscribers.

BSNL is a boon for its customers as it provides No of facilities other than attractive offers like

  1. BSNL, the largest integrated telecom service provider in the country, has offered Free Personal Accidental Insurance Coverage for its esteemed customers of WORKING Landline, WLL (wireless in local loop) , Landlines PCO Operators and Post-paid Cellular connections
  2. BSNL is the only service provider, making focused efforts and planned initiatives to bridge the Rural-Urban Digital Divide ICT sector. In fact there is no telecom operator in the country to beat its reach with its wide network giving services in every nook & corner of country and operates across India except Delhi & Mumbai. Whether it is inaccessible areas of Siachen glacier and North-eastern region of the country. BSNL serves its customers with its wide bouquet of telecom services.
  3. BSNL has vast experience in Planning, Installation, network integration and Maintenance of Switching & Transmission Networks and also has a world-class ISO 9000 certified Telecom Training Institute.
  4. BSNL service support is fast and the reliability of lines are good.
  5. BSNL mobile is available both in urban and rural areas with more than 65000 mobile towers all over India and hence wide coverage
  6. BSNL mobile is the most economical as there are no hidden charges and it is totally transparent. Many value added services like Missed Call Alert.SMS delivery report etc are available free of cost and hence economical.
  7. The Customer Service Centers are located throughout Karnataka where subscribers can personally lodge their complaints and can meet senior Officers of BSNL even without prior appointment.
  8. Subscribers can join most popular Pyari Jodi (BSNL Home Plan) with unlimited free calls from Mobile to BSNL Home land line number.
  9. Subscribers can enjoy the 3G services of Voice, Video and Data at affordable price.

BUT  people just need good offer so they change their operators just like changing their cloths, its like buying new attractive cloth and forgetting

the good cloth which is not much attractive but  reliable….

Our citizens don’t think about those 300000 other citizens who are working hard but they fall for private providers who are from foreign

country who came here for earning profits

Everyday thousands of  sim cards of private providers are wasted by thousands of customers, these customers get these sim cards in the footpaths which are free of cost these are called “use and throw sim cards” and these customers  don’t have to give any photo or id proof these is indirectly a serious concern on national security i.e these sim cards can be misused by terrorists

BSNL sells their sim cards through teleshoppes and retailers but they are strict about registration process of sim cards

This article is not An advertisement of BSNL, but this is a concern on my fellow citizens who are concerned about their fellow citizens and