Love at first sight or Resonance

Let me tell you one thing……….

This is neither a research by a scientist nor a thesis by a student.

Well, people say love happens at first sight and that can be true or cannot for some instances it is disproved but for many instances it’s true fact.

And there may be a scientific reason for this too, when a boy see’s a girl or vice-versa , ‘there may be some kind of IMPEDANCE MATCHING between their eyes or brains(still in dilemma that what is that thing that may matches their impedance)’. And that can be cause of first love or just love.

All i want to ask you is “can it be true or its just my assumption”


  1. You left a comment on my blog not long ago and I was just wondering what you meant by it. You said ‘well… u r good’. Good at what? I was just really curious and hoping you wouldn’t mind explaining it a little more. I’d really appreciate it.

    And, by the way, I think love is unexplainable and that the more people try to explain or understand it… the harder it will become for them to experience it. Love simply IS.

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