Life is Shit-full of Surprises: you just need 21 days to make it full of good surprises

Yeah, That’s what life is, and you have to live with it and you may think i am being too much negative, am I!, if you think that way, you are too pessimistic about me. It needs lot of determination and commitment to change your life in 21 days. sometimes a good teacher can help you sometimes a good book can help you.

But if you have nothing to motivate you to change, you have yourself. don’t let the body control your mind, let the mind control your body. You should train your body in these 21 days to listen to your mind. its not a one minute or one day work it needs minimum 21 days.


whether it is your weight, your smoking habits, your financial habits or you want to learn new computer language, you have the ability to do anything and everything, remember that you are your own SUPERMAN.

There are some really good books which can also help you change, I may list some books you can buy, but remember that it all comes to “you” in the end. Mind is a wanderer train it to wander around beautiful good things not around filthy bad things. Good Luck yourself, Peace.

The Book: 21 Day Habit

Extreme Transformation: Lifelong Weight Loss in 21 Days


The Power to Prosper: 21 Days to Financial Freedom

The Program: 21 Days to a Stronger, Slimmer, Sexier You: Includes 1 PDF Disc

Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet: Lose Up to 15 Pounds, 4 Inches–And Your Wrinkles!–In Just 21 Days

Sams Teach Yourself Borland C++5 in 21 Days


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