Not Sooo Great! Amazon Great Indian Sale.


Atleast in the beginning the amazon sales were offering very good product sales, then it surpassed Flipkart and Snapdeal in the sales and revenues they have been reached to mediocre level, the quality of goods are also have been ok! but one thing I really admire is customer service.

Check out! Amazon’s great Indian Sale

As a competition Flipkart is also starting THE BIG FREEDOM SALE, lets really hope, If Flipkart merges with Snapdeal, or if acquires Snapdeal, it provides much better stiff competition, I really hope there will be healthy competition between Amazon and Flipkart

Check out Flipkart’s The Big Freedom sale!

Otherwise, If Amazon leads there will be monopoly which will be very bad for customers, because since there wont be any competition Amazon can set the prices as it wants!

Indians are not fools, but sometimes we will never know that we are falling in a trap until we do, just like we did with Chinese goods.


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